Tecan Freedom EVO Version 2 150 8 Tip with Evoware Software, Automated Liquid Handler Pipetting Robot. Certified Refurbished.


Tecan Freedom EVO Version 2 150 8 Tip with Evoware, Automated Liquid Handler.
Certified Refurbished.
Disposable Tip Unit (Fixed Tip unit also available)
Single Liha Arm
1ml Syringes (Other syringe sizes available)

Includes: Free Shipping and Delivery (domestic US), Installation, Set-up, PC, Flatscreen, keyboard, mouse, UPS, and Evoware 2.3 Software.
QA/QC Testing Documentation. Remfg. Certificate included.
Warranty: 6 Month Onsite Warranty
Leadtime: Up to 20 business days.

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Freedom EVO 150 base unit

Our core liquid handling and robotics workstation for small, busy laboratories or medium to high throughput research and diagnostic laboratories.

The larger footprint significantly increases the integration area for devices, enabling a broad range of automated processes.

  • 45 grids of worktable space
  • Up to three arms can be mounted

Multi-channel pipetting robot.

Applications: Elisa, R&D, Biotech, Research, Forensics Laboratories.



Not included, additional Upgrades/Options available with purchase:

Posid2 -option installed
Fast Wash FAWA Standard-option installed
Roma-option installed
Below deck PICK & PLACE
DMSO Upgrade (tubing, pump, distribution blocks) option installed
Extension Table