MicroQC A Plate (Active Unit+ Active Electronics) Absorbance, Temperature Sensing Microplate Reader Validation Test Quality Control- Tecan


MicroQC AF Plate (Active Unit+ Active Electronics)  Absorbance, Temperature Sensing.  *NEW*

Microplate Reader Validation Test Plate MicroQC Plate Quality Control

Active Analytical Option included:

Temperature – Check the internal incubation temperature of your microplate reader

Can be used for Tecan Sunrise, Genios, Luminesence, temperature  (or Equivalent).  See Full desc. below for more details…

Includes:  1 Year Warranty.

Includes: Technical Helpdesk Support

Lead-time: 7 business days.

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‘MicroQC A Plate + Electronic Options (Base features: Absorbance)

Active Analytical Option included:


  • Temperature – Check the internal incubation temperature of your microplate reader


Reporting and Chassis Specifications (Common):

  • Lightweight aluminum chassis, precision machined and black anodized for minimum light reflection
  • Entire assembly machined on precise SBS standard dimensions to 0.001” tolerances
  • 1536 corner alignment wells based on SBS 1536 microplate standards
  • Static ePaper display


With the selection of any of the Active Analytical Options, the chassis includes the following addtional features:

  • Dynamic menu based ePaper display indicating operating mode, calibration date, calibration due date, serial number, instrument serial number, and battery level.
  • USB serial communication port for battery charging and firmware updates
  • Li-ion battery with battery charge indicator


If your options only include the Passive Analytical Options (no Active options selected), your MicroQC Plate will not incorporate any powered electronics. The ePaper display is  a Zero Power device which is pre-programmed to show the serial number and calibration due date. The information is set at time of production. Drop us a note if you would prefer to see other information displayed at time of order.

The MicroQC Plate will work with readers from Berthold™, Biotek™, BMG LABTECH™, Molecular Devices™, Perkin Elmer™, Tecan™, Thermo™, and many others.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 5 in