MicroQC A Plate (Active Unit+ Active Electronics) Base Feat: Absorbance, Microplate Reader Validation Test Quality Control- Tecan


MicroQC AF Plate (Active Unit+ Active Electronic)  Base Unit: Absorbance  *NEW*

Microplate Reader Validation Test Plate MicroQC Plate Quality Control


Can be used for Tecan Sunrise (or Equivalent).  See Full desc. below for more details…

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‘MicroQC A Plate + Electronic Options (Base feature: Absorbance)


Reporting and Chassis Specifications (Common):

  • Lightweight aluminum chassis, precision machined and black anodized for minimum light reflection
  • Entire assembly machined on precise SBS standard dimensions to 0.001” tolerances
  • 1536 corner alignment wells based on SBS 1536 microplate standards
  • Static ePaper display


The MicroQC Plate will work with readers from Berthold™, Biotek™, BMG LABTECH™, Molecular Devices™, Perkin Elmer™, Tecan™, Thermo™, and many others.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 5 in